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ColdFusion Technologies

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DataMgr DataMgr ColdFusion component set provides an excellent way to manage simple CRUD operations. Particularly useful is the "Simulated" option, which allows you to use simulated queries during rapid prototyping, and then easily switch to an actual datasource--creating the tables/seed data that you developed during simulation. Application 
Model-Glue Framework Model-Glue Framework Fairly straightforward ColdFusion Framework. Recently they added Model-Glue for Flex. The CanvasWiki app uses Model-Glue. Framework 
CanvasWiki CanvasWiki ColdFusion Open Source Wiki. Application 
Jelastic Jelastic Jelastic.com - The Easiest Way to Deploy ColdFusion to the Cloud Cloud Technology 
CFWheels CFWheels Need to look into again - very Ruby on Rails-like framework for ColdFusion Framework 
Mach II Mach II  Framework 
ColdBox ColdBox  Framework 
FarCry FarCry  Framework 
Framework/1 Framework/1  Framework 
FuseBox FuseBox  Framework 
Reactor Reactor Persistence framework that does on-the-fly object-relational mapping (ORM) Framework 
ColdSpring ColdSpring Spring Framework Framework 
Transfer ORM Transfer ORM Persistence Framework (ORM) Framework 
An introduction to ColdFusion frameworks An introduction to ColdFusion frameworks Article Framework 
I've picked a framework. Well: you've picked it for me I've picked a framework. Well: you've picked it for me Article Framework 
Showing 15 items